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SnoreMeds™ employs a dedicated team of professionals, all experts in their respective fields. The assembly and packaging of the stop snoring mouthpieces take place at the SnoreMeds™ facility, adhering to stringent quality controls and checks to ensure the utmost product quality.

Quality is a cornerstone of SnoreMeds™, encompassing not just production, packaging, and distribution, but also extending to customer service. Despite its growth from modest beginnings, SnoreMeds™ remains committed to its 30-day online product guarantee.

Operating in a specialized market, SnoreMeds™ has the advantage of accumulating specialized insights and conducting research on snoring and sleep deprivation. The overarching objective is to leverage their comprehensive database for designing and manufacturing devices to aid individuals afflicted by snoring.

Co-Founder Michelle Hall-Jones brought a transformative solution to snorers and their partners with the introduction of the first mandibular snoring solution to the South African market in 2008. Teaming up with the acclaimed online agency, the partners have sustained their spirit of innovation even after 30 years, as evidenced by SnoreMeds™. Dis-Chem pharmacies nationwide and Takealot offer two sizes of SnoreMeds™ mouthpieces.

The Mandibular Advancement Device

For over a decade, mandibular advancement devices have effectively assisted in preventing snoring and mild obstructive sleep apnea. They come highly recommended by dentists, doctors, and sleep specialists alike. SnoreMeds™ has been a global supplier of anti-snoring mouthpieces since 2002, accumulating invaluable insights and feedback from snoring patients that have contributed to the device's research and improvement.

The SnoreMeds Original 2006

The SnoreMeds™ original for men was developed in 2006 and is currently among the top 10 mandibular advancement devices on the market. In response to ongoing research and customer interactions, a second variant tailored to a smaller fit and deeper bite for women was introduced in 2010. The SnoreMeds™ mouthpiece alleviates snoring symptoms for approximately 85% of sufferers. However, it's important to note that it doesn't cure snoring; patients need to continue using the device until addressing the underlying issues causing the obstruction and vibrations.

Popularity in the SnoreMeds™ Stop Snoring Mouthpiece is born from customer research

  • Featuring twin holes at the front, the mouthpiece facilitates swallowing and addresses nocturnal nasal issues.

  • The material used is FDA-cleared for medical and dental usage, ensuring comfort while retaining the necessary strength to hold the lower jaw in a forward position.

  • A disposable spatula accompanies the mouthpiece, enabling a secondary remould and aiding in convenient cleaning.


customer reviews

Really works!

The product works as advertised. My husband is very happy! Took me a day or two to get used to the feel of it but now I hardly notice. Might take someone longer if they have not used a bite guard in the past. The molding process was super easy and worked great.

Beth G

Better sleep

I find the mild jaw correction to be enough to stop my snoring. I have tried others and found them too large or insecure. This version is secure and comfortable. The first week my teeth felt sore, but that seems to be improving. I am sleeping better because I am breathing better.

Lenee T

Extremely satisfied!

I have been using my Snore Meds for a full week now! The most challenging part was the fitting! It is the most comfortable mouth piece I’ve ever tried, it fits beautifuly. I love the soft & flexible feel but the most important thing is my wife says it eliminates my snoring by 95%! I definitely recomend this product!

Yves C

SnoreMeds™ uses a simple fitment process that moulds the mouthpiece to your mouth and gets professional results. The fitting is completed in the privacy of your own home, with two opportunities to achieve a firm fit. 

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SnoreMeds™ is manufactured from a high quality anti-allergenic material. The material is FDA approved for medical and dental use and contains zero BPA and is latex free.

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