Women are not meant to Snore

Why is it humorous when men snore but awkwardly embarrassing when a woman snores? Are women not meant to snore ? 

I was speaking with a work colleague recently and she was fortunate enough to be invited to a global seminar in the US, all expenses paid. Her excitement soon turned to dread when she realised she needed to share an apartment with another woman co-worker, due to the limited accommodation at the conference venue.  Consumed with anxiety and contemplating making up some medical reason why she couldn’t attend, my colleague admitted to me that she snores loudly.

Snoring is no laughing matter and creates all kinds of anxieties in men and women. These anxieties coupled with poor sleep patterns, become a vicious cycle that only intensifies the longer the health condition is not treated. Statistically women snoring is on the increase, primarily due to a range of societal and environmental factors. Most women are deeply ashamed of their snoring and go to all kinds of lengths to conceal their “secret” , however at the route of snoring lies a more serious health danger which is often overshadowed by the shame.

A man or woman’s body is not designed to snore and any restriction to airflow will have fundamental affects on one’s health from low libido to weight gain. Snoring is a serious subject that can be addressed.

Snoring is our bodies early warning system telling us that something is wrong!


SnoreMeds is a mandibular advancement device that works by repositioning the lower jaw 3-4mm gently forward, opening up the airway sufficiently to allow the airflow to flow unobstructed during sleep.

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