Radio 702 Small Business Awards 2016

Always treat people with compassion and respect!

Entrepreneur Michelle Hall-Jones and Philippa Logan have been helping snoring sufferers around the globe since 2008 when they launched their snoring solution SnoreMeds. Within 5 years they received overwhelming success in the United States, UK, Norway, Finland, Australia and NewZealand with over 250 000 units sold.

They are not only passionate about their product but they also show compassion when helping snoring sufferers and their partners understand the real dangers of sleep deprivation, sleep apnea and snoring.

Over the last decade they have gathered a vast insight into the disruptive life of a snorer and share their knowledge on sleep, travel and snoring related health issues.

It is no wonder that this dedicated team have been nominated for the 702 Sage small business award. Quoted by Michelle Hall Jones “We are passionate about helping snorers and their partners around the world, and making the world a healthier and quieter place."

The SnoreMeds team would like to take this opportunity to thank the 702 Sage Small business awards for creating initiatives for entrepreneurs.