One question to ask yourself before going on holiday?

Holidays are usually associated with fun, family, relaxation and adventure. Yet for many people holidays conjure up feelings of anxiety, fear, dread and helplessness. The simple reason - snoring.

A friend recently told me about a dream holiday that her and her husband had planned to Jamaica. Samantha counted the days in excitement to the start of this dream adventure. The day finally arrived as the excited couple boarded the plane to the US, brimming with smiles and excitement.

The long haul flight was the start of their holiday horrors. For the longest time Samantha and Jim slept in separate bedrooms. Most evenings the loving couple would retire to bed together but as Samantha fell asleep, Jim would sleep in the spare room next door, as his snoring would keep Samantha awake. Jim’s snoring had got progressively worse over the years and resulted in him gaining weight which is a little known fact associated with snoring.

The nightmare flight consisted of Samantha waking her husband up continuously as his embarrassing snoring problem was keeping her and the irritated passengers beside her awake. Needless to say, a sleepless night for the couple resulted in petty arguments from the time they eventually landed at their destination.

The beautifully decorated one bedroom villa cascading onto a sandy beach with a glorious rim flow plunge pool was ready to greet them.  A perfect setting for what dream holidays are made of, yet Samantha’s heart sank at the thought of Jim’s snoring for 7 nights, without escape.

Lack of sleep turns the kindest souls into raving lunatics and after 4 solid nights of no sleep, Samantha resorted to sleeping on the wooden lounger next to the pool.

Their dream holiday was quickly turning into an expensive nightmare that was testing their marriage to its limit.

Finally home, Samantha vowed never to go on holiday again, Jim felt waves of mild depression coming on as his self esteem hit an all time low, along with a marriage in trouble.

The reality is that all this drama and stress could have been avoided with one simple step, addressing and solving the snoring problem.

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