Give Dad the gift of a great night’s sleep

Its well documented that a good night’s sleep is a fundamental pillar for good health and general wellbeing.

Surprisingly, whilst such facts are accepted, we pay very little attention to sleeping and addressing the root cause of what is causing a poor night’s sleep.

"One of the greatest causes of sleep deprivation is snoring. Snoring is usually associated with our Dads or Granddads. Family lunches are peppered with funny stories of our Dads snoring, or that camping trip when Dad kept the entire caravan park awake."

These stories, whilst seemingly humorous, have a deeper underlying health impact that if not addressed, can be extremely dangerous.

It’s a fallacy that the snorer is having a good night’s sleep – they are not as the constricted airflow, that is causing the annoying sound effects, is limiting much needed oxygen to the body and brain.

The subject of Dad’s snoring is in fact not a laughing matter , not for him and not for Mom either. The long term affects of snoring have an eroding affect on marriages as both parties are not sleeping well. The lack of sleep as a result of snoring can lead to weight gain, continued fatigue, high blood pressure and low libido.

Snoring is our body giving us a early warning system that something is wrong!

SnoreMeds is a mandibular advancement device that works by repositioning the lower jaw 3-4mm gently forward, opening up the airway sufficiently to allow the airflow to flow unobstructed during sleep.

A proudly South African product that is distributed globally, available in store at Dis-Chem Pharmacies, online at Takealot and

So this Father's Day, give a gift that money can’t buy – the gift of a great night’s sleep for Dad.