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The Recommended Stop Snoring Solution in South Africa

SnoreMeds™ has seen huge success distributing through Dis-Chem pharmacies over the last ten years. SnoreMeds™ mouthpieces are one of a kind in South Africa – proudly South African, easy to buy online or over the counter at Dis-Chem pharmacies, which continues to expand its nationwide footprint throughout the country.

SnoreMeds™ offers you a good nights sleep from the first night, the mouthpiece is easy to mould and comes with a money back guarantee.

Our anti-snoring mouthpiece has been recommended for the treatment of snoring and mild sleep apnea. 

The mouthpiece gently holds the lower jaw forward and has 2 breathing holes in the front to allow you to breathe while sleeping.

To top it off, the SnoreMeds™ Stop Snoring Solution is more affordable than custom made devices.

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SnoreMeds™ products are located in the Self Medication (OTC) or Vitamin department within the Dis-Chem pharmacies. Please ask the staff for assistance in locating our SnoreMeds™ products.

Please be aware that there will be other similar products on the shelf that say Snoring Solutions, make sure you ask for the SnoreMeds™ product range. Our products have been tried and tested worldwide since 2007, and we have sold over 250 000 units worldwide.