snoring-no-mouthpiece.pngBlocked airway while sleeping

What is snoring?

Snoring is usually caused by a partial blockage of the upper airway behind the tongue. When we’re awake, our breathing is unobstructed as our body consciously keeps our upper airway open. But when we’re asleep, the muscles around our airway relax, and the airway often becomes narrower. (as you can see in this diagram on the left)

For most people who snore, air rushing through the narrowed opening causes the soft tissue in this part of the upper airway to vibrate, making the sound of what we call ‘snoring’.

snoring-stop-mouthpiece.pngAnti-snore mouthpiece holds the lower jaw forward and opens the airway

How does the anti-snoring device open the airway?

View this diagram, it explains in detail how the anti-snoring device works. You can see how the airway is blocked by the soft tissue, but as soon as the anti-snore mouthpiece is in position it holds the soft pallet and tongue forward and naturally opens the airway.

Not convinced? Try this very simple snoring test.

  • Move your lower jaw forward, try and snore!.
  • Now you can see for yourself that if your lower jaw is held forward, this automatically opens the airway and prevents you from snoring.


What is SnoreMeds™ anti-snore mouthpiece and how does it help?

Mandibular devices have been bringing relief to snorers and their long-suffering partners for over a decade. They work on a very simple principle - It works by gently moving your lower jaw slightly forward, opening your throat and keeping the airway unobstructed, making it almost impossible to snore.
SnoreMeds™ mouthpieces are comfortable to wear, they are made from a FDA cleared hyperallergenic thermoplastic which is BPA and latex free. Unlike many other mandibular devices, they have emergency holes in them to allow the wearer to breathe through the mouth if necessary (especially if the wearer has sinus issues), these holes also prevent an excess saliva build up while sleeping. The custom fitted SnoreMeds™ anti-snoring mouthpieces have proved to be successful with 85% of snoring sufferers.

The SnoreMeds™ mouthpiece now comes in TWO sizes!

SnoreMeds™ comes in two sizes the Original Fit which is recommended for men and the Small Fit mouthpiece which is narrower and has a slightly deeper bite for women who snore.

What causes snoring?

It can be a number of things:

  • Smoking
  • Sedatives taken just before going to sleep
  • Being overweight
  • Menopause
  • Nasal stuffiness (due to a diverted septum, nasal polyps or allergies)
  • Evening alcohol
  • Residual tonsils
  • Receding lower jaw
  • Hypothyroidism